I write what I know.


  • I never found my mother stirring ground glass into pie filling or cut anyone’s throat.
  • I’ve never poisoned anyone.
  • I’ve never been trapped in an abandoned house.
  • I’ve never–

You get the drift. My fiction is mostly not-the-truth.


Coming soon from Wildside Press

“When Cheese Is Love”
in Austin Mystery Writers’ second crime fiction anthology

lone star lawless cover (2)


“A Nice Set of Wheels” and “Hell on Wheels”
in Austin Mystery Writers’
MURDER ON WHEELS: 11 Tales of Crime on the Move (Wildside, 2015).

Murder On Wheels: Eleven Tales Of Crime On The Move is a solidly good anthology from eight talented authors and one that is well worth your time.” ~ Kevin Tipple, Flash Bang Mysteries

Read an excerpt from “A Nice Set of Wheels” here.

Read an excerpt from “Hell on Wheels” here.

MURDER ON WHEELS is available from Amazon (paperback and Kindle) and from BookPeople (paperback).





“I’ll Be a Sunbeam”
in Kaye George’s crime fiction anthology,
DAY OF THE DARK. (Wildside, 2017)



“And Justice for All” online in the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 issue of Mysterical-E.


I’ve also published bits of memoir in Story Circle Network’s True Words Anthology and Journaland Story Circle book reviews on Amazon.