A Liebster Award!

Marcia Mayne, of Inside Journeys, left a note that she's given me a Liebster Award. The Liebster, she says, originated in Germany. It means "beloved." And it's designed to bring attention to blogs with fewer than 200 followers. I appreciate Marcia's generosity, especially considering what I did to her pie. In May, I posted about … Continue reading A Liebster Award!

Patricia Deuson’s Superior Longing Published Today

I'm proud to have author Patricia Deuson as my guest to introduce her new mystery novel, Superior Longing. Please join me in welcoming her. * Thanks for the invitation, Kathy! It's a pretty exciting day for me, and I'm glad to be here. The first book of the Neva Moore series, SUPERIOR LONGING, sees the … Continue reading Patricia Deuson’s Superior Longing Published Today

Tomorrow’s Guest Blogger: Author Patricia Deuson

Author Patricia Deuson will be here tomorrow to talk about her new mystery novel, Superior Longing, which comes out September 15, 2011. Pat and I have been online friends for several years through the Sisters in Crime Guppies. Tomorrow will be an exciting day for her, and I'm honored she's sharing that excitement with me … Continue reading Tomorrow’s Guest Blogger: Author Patricia Deuson

#ROW80 9/7 & September

After yesterday waiting for the plumber, plus today waiting for the doctor, plus anticipation of tomorrow again waiting for the plumber, I have run out of steam. I therefore turn the blog over to the greatest American poet. *  *  *  *  * September's Baccalaureate A combination is Of Crickets—Crows—and Retrospects And a dissembling Breeze … Continue reading #ROW80 9/7 & September

#ROW80 9/4 & Random Access

As part of Rachael Harrie's Platform-Building Campaign, I'm posting ten random things about myself. 1. Maggie Smith is my favorite actress. 2. I've taken lessons in classical voice and bellydancing. 3. I like cold, wet weather. 4. I've been driving since I was ten years old. 5. I've never seen Fantasia. 6. I found my … Continue reading #ROW80 9/4 & Random Access