About Kathy

I’m Kathy Waller, AKA M.K., former teacher, former librarian, former paralegal, and former pianist at various small churches desperate for someone who could find middle C.

I write crime fiction, literary fiction, humor (I hope), memoir, and whatever else comes to mind.

I grew up in Fentress,  population ~ 150 in 1960, on the San Marcos River in Central Texas, the Blackland Prairie, where pickups hauled hay and kids and horses, guns killed the occasional

rattlesnake, Miss Pedula the milk cow grazed by the roadside, and a dear old gentleman named Dick Ward sold double-dip ice cream cones for a nickel.

Old Gin Office, J. C. Dauchy Gin Company, Fentress, TX.

Old ladies played dominoes on front porches in the afternoons, and old men gossiped on benches outside the post office. There were still horned toads and lightning bugs, and mosquitoes were one-tenth the size they are now. In 1983, my parents finally installed working locks on the doors.

Life was good. I would like to have the mosquitoes and the nickel ice cream and the old people back. A few things, however, are best left behind.

Memories provide grist for my word mill.

I now live in Austin, Texas, with two cats and one husband.

Two cats

One husband

One husband’s website and ongoing story, Alien Resort



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Austin Mystery Writers
Ramona Defelice Long, ed.
Wildside, 2015



Austin Mystery Writers
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Wildside, 2017



Kaye George, ed.
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“And Justice for All” in Mysterical-E Fall/Winter 2012-2013