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I just told David that if he would accompany me through the author and book tents at the Texas Book Festival, I would treat him to breakfast at the restaurant of his choice.

Who could resist such an offer? Not my husband.

This is not surprising, since it’s after 2:00 p.m. and so far all he’s had today is coffee.

We spent yesterday morning at 15 Minutes of Fame, writing, and most of the afternoon at Austin Java with three other Famers, talking about writing, graduate school, surgery, a blue cheese hamburger, and whatever else came along. When all was said and done, mostly said, time for visiting TBF had flown.

In the past, we’ve had good times there. We’ve heard Ted Koppel, Scott Turow, Lucian K. Truscott, and John R. Erickson, author of the Hank the Cowdog (Head of Ranch Security) series.

One year I sat on the floor of the House Chamber and listened to Elmer Kelton. While I was waiting for the program to start–I’d gotten there extra early to get a seat down front–Liz Carpenter came in and sat right behind me. I was too shy to turn around and say hello, of course, even though I knew Ms. Carpenter would be pleased if I did. She wasn’t shy at all.

Another year in the House Chamber, I heard Horton Foote. His soft voice and slow drawl–true Southern, unmixed with Texas twang–was music, just like his words on the page.

I won’t get to hear Kelton or Foote, or anyone quite like them, again. Or Liz Carpenter either.

So I’m grateful that the TBF allowed me to see them up close, to feel that for just a moment, they knew I was there, thanking them for the pleasure their books and plays and mere existence had given me over the years.

Now we’re one our way to walk through the tents, visit with some writers we know, buy a few books, help support TBF’s grant program for public libraries, and celebrate the printed word.

Then on to an omelet at the restaurant of David’s choice.

10 thoughts on “Texas Book Festival

  1. I’m so glad you got to go to the Book Festival. I’d hoped to do that one day. Guess it would be a long trip now… Hope hubby enjoyed his omelet too.


    1. Does New Mexico have a book festival? Perhaps that’s your project (as if you didn’t already have several)–to get one started.

      Hubby enjoyed omelet. I enjoyed not cooking it. Not that I can make an omelet, of course.


  2. It sounds utterly perfect, Kathy. I am so blinkered I have never been to a book festival, and your evocative post has opened my eyes and set me thinking. I wonder if they have such a thing here?

    I’m off to investigate. Thanks for a wonderful post.


    1. Thank you. TBF is a wonderful event that seems to get bigger every year. It’s the result of having had Laura Bush, former librarian, as First Lady of Texas. I think one of her requirements before she lent support was that it benefit libraries, so every year TBF passes out thousands of dollars in grants for library books. A win-win situation, and I’m fortunate to live close enough to attend.


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