ROW80 7/24 & a Valediction

I’m off to a writing conference where Internet access will be iffy at best.

We’re about to load the car. David is getting the cat hair off my suitcase so people will not think I’m a cat lady. First, however,  he will have to get Ernest off.

I’m supposed to take my very favorite novel, not the one I talk about to impress people. I don’t know what my very favorite novel is. I have several. It probably doesn’t matter too much anyway. I have a feeling everyone in the class will show up with a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird.

There’s a long drive ahead, so I must hit the road.

Talk to you when I get back.

18 thoughts on “ROW80 7/24 & a Valediction

  1. Have a great time. You’ll have to share the good stuff with us!

    Think about the last book that really made an impression on you and grab it (or that’s what I would do, I could never narrow it down to A favorite).



    1. I ended up grabbing the first one that made an impression on me. It’s been a while since I found a book that knocked my socks off. I think Bel Canto was the last. That’s no doubt because I’m not reading enough. Never thought I would say that.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


    1. It’s difficult when your favorite book changes from day to day. But I took the one I always think of first. I guess that makes it my genuine favorite.


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