Rice Pudding Suitable for Framing

My friend Em informed me that she has found the Google Art Project and will therefore be incommunicado for about the next five years.

If she can drag herself away from the National Gallery of Everywhere, she might show up for dinner Sunday, an engagement we made months ago. If not, she’ll send her husband along by himself.

Em is an artist. One of her pieces hung in her office—a pencil drawing of opera star Marian Anderson. It is beautiful. She entered it in the county fair several years ago. I don’t remember how it placed, but it didn’t take first. Her husband said it would have done better if she’d put a pair of boots and some cactus in the background.

I wish I had Em’s passion for visual art, but I have neither the education nor the eye. I’m a word person. If I had my way, I would cover all my walls with words.

Which brings me to the point: I have discovered how to turn words into art without using talent or turpentine: Wordle.

I pasted the text of an old post into the Wordle website, clicked Go, and Voila! A post suitable for framing.

Or it will be when I get the bugs worked out.

9 thoughts on “Rice Pudding Suitable for Framing

  1. Interesting that Wordle is used for the poetry challenge on a Sunday. I wondered how the word pictures were made 🙂


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