A Cat May Look at a Queen

Every Christmas, David gives me a gift commemorating our visit to the UK ten years ago. The latest was a small figurine of the Queen, which resides on the lamp table beside my chair. The Queen seems comfortable there, upright, smiling yet dignified, never the focus of unseemly familiarity.

The Queen

Yesterday, though, returning from my critique group meeting, I found her toppled over and lying supine on the marble table top, a position she would not have assumed voluntarily. Then, this evening I caught Ernest standing on the back of the couch, his front paws on the table edge, snuffling  her glove.

I shooed him down, but he refused to leave. 

Ernest not leaving

Instead, he settled on the couch and gazed up at her, his green eyes wide.

It took just a moment to discover the reason for his interest.

Ernest and the Queen

On top of the Queen’s handbag is a solar panel. In the lamplight, it prompts her to move her hand at the wrist, back and forth, in a royal wave.

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