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https://www.sitorsquat.com/   [Note: This site {if I understand it} appears to require interface with Facebook before allowing access. I wasn’t comfortable making the connection, so I didn’t get to use the website. However, I’m probably in the minority, so if you do gain access, please let me know what it’s like. :-)]


Back in the ’80s, while on a road trip, my mother and I decided to write a book: Restrooms of the Southeastern United States. If successful–and we knew it would be–it would pave the way for a series: Restrooms of the Great Plains, Restrooms of the Midwest, Restrooms of New England. . .

We might have branched out: Restrooms of London, of Paris, of Rome. . .

We didn’t get to write any books, but now, Airports Made Simple reports, there’s an app for that.