Should A Dog Have Possessions?

Can lamb bones buy happiness? Kate Shrewsday shares the cautionary tale of Macaulay the Dog and his newly acquired wealth.

Kate Shrewsday

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Oh, the poor dog.

He has become rich beyond the dreams of avarice, and it has – I can categorically confirm – made him unhappy.

This is not the first tale of a bone which has been connected, here in these cyberpages, with Macaulay the Dog. But it is a living, whimpering metaphor; a shadow on the creature who has always been such a happy-go-lucky surfer of life’s waves. Possessions, mark my words, do not always make one happy.

On Sunday evening there was a ring on the doorbell and there stood our kindly dog-friendly neighbour. She had with her a lamb bone. It was huge. Enormous. And delighted, we took the bone and introduced the dog to its rancid charms.

Was it naive to expect a twinkle in the eye, a jauntier gait as those paws clattered out into the garden, carrying jaws bearing gifts?  Because the dog was…

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