Texas #1! If Football Doesn’t Get You, the Turkey Will

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Remember when Murphy Brown and her colleagues cooked and served Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter, and Miles brought in a bunch of live turkeys in his BMW (nobody had specified they were to be ready for the oven, and on arrival the inside of the BMW was not in good shape), and the turkeys ran all around the kitchen, and no one wanted to kill them anyway, and the turkeys refused to stick their heads in the oven so Murphy could turn on the gas (her suggestion)?

I don’t know what happened next. I was laughing at the turkeys and couldn’t pay attention. All I remember is the whole thing slid downhill fast.

Well. It could have been a whole lot worse. To see how, read “When Turkeys Strike Back,” by K. B. Owen, historical mystery writer.

And, Texans, don’t say I didn’t warn you.





12 thoughts on “Texas #1! If Football Doesn’t Get You, the Turkey Will

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Kathy. I will read the story. My oven broke last night so we will be using the propane grill, the microwave, and an old hot plate from the garage to fix Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Didn’t I say that appliances go crazy on holidays?


    1. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Joe and Maggie. You did say appliances go crazy on holidays. I guess they don’t like to cook either. Good luck with the cooking. Remember, everything is material.


    1. Jessica is right. Butter and basting are key to a well-cooked turkey. If you put a couple of sticks of butter under the skin, and baste, of course, the breast meat comes out tender and moist. There are also pools of butter on top of the stuffing around the bird, but it’s only one day a year . . .


    1. It may well be. Have a happy Thanksgiving, Kaye, you and your family. We thawed some frozen chicken breasts to put on the outside grill. I can make brown rice in the microwave and the ambrosia and cranberry sauce are in the refrigerator. My spouse is going to try making rolls on the propane grill. So we’ll see.


      1. I can’t wait for that post. If Joe can make rolls on the propane grill, he should start a cookbook.


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