This quotation from Neil Gaiman that Purpleborough has posted means a lot to me. I’ve already started making my mistakes for 2015. Such a relief: The teacup is already broken.

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  1. Yep. Maybe that’s why you’ve been so successful.

    Of course, since the advent of the Internet and the WWW and blogs, my mistakes have become very public. And the latest was on the HOTXSINC blog, and the subject kindly and tactfully notified me, and I fixed it . . . And it’s the second one of that magnitude, and about an author . . . And at least I’ll get another blog post out of it. After I’ve crawled out from under the porch.


    1. I like the quotation very much. If you hadn’t brought it to my attention, I’d never have seen it. So I think you deserve attribution, too. Happy New Year to you as well.


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