100 Words: Lovestruck

Friday Fictioneers: Write a 100-word story based on the prompt.

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Georgia Koch
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Georgia Koch

When Derek fell for LucyMae, he immediately introduced her to his wife.

“Look, Mandy.” His tone was reverent; his eyes betokened lust. “Isn’t she gorgeous?”

“Good gosh.” Mandy touched the hull. “Water, water everywhere and all the boards did shrink. Where does the albatross sit?”

“Hydrate her, the boards’ll plump up.”

“They’re rotten. . . . What’s that thingy?”

“It’s a . . . I’ll fix her.”

He switched on pleading puppy eyes.

Sigh. “Okay.” Mandy took his arm. “Let’s go look at that treadle sewing machine I want.”

“You can’t sew.”

“No. But it was love at first sight.”


Every Wednesday, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields issues the Friday Fictioneers challenge. She posts a picture prompt and invites readers to write stories of 100 words or fewer and to post them on their blogs the following Friday. This week’s prompt is here (scroll down the page to see it). Rochelle’s story follows it.

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16 thoughts on “100 Words: Lovestruck

  1. “It’s a…. I’ll fix her.” This line tells the tale. Love wants what love wants. Well done.


  2. Dear Kathy,

    Touché. This sounds like some conversations I’ve had with my husband. I think she’ll get more mileage out of the sewing machine. 😉 I enjoyed your well-written story.




    1. The sewing machine can at least be displayed as an antique. I don’t know where he’ll hide the boat. Thanks much for your comment.


  3. Dear Kathy,

    Mandy is wise to use his lust for LucyMae to garner herself a sewing machine. She sounds as though she’ll get a lot more use out of her toy than he will out of his.

    Your play on The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner was excellent and made me guffaw. Well done.




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