Four-Sentence Book Review: A Broom of One’s Own

My review of Nancy Peacock’s memoir, A Broom of One’s Own. A GOOD book.

Writing Wranglers and Warriors


Posted by Kathy Waller

A while back, I accepted a challenge to write a book review of  Nancy Peacock’s memoir A Broom of One’s Own inonly four sentencesStarting well before the due date, I wrote the first sentence of the review over and over and deleted it over and over. Sometimes I wrote the same sentence several times in a row. Sometimes I made up a new sentence. After weeks of torment, I produced the following review.


I like Nancy Peacock’s A Broom of One’s Own: Words About Writing, Housecleaning & Life so much that it’s taken me over two months and two missed deadlines to untangle my thoughts and write this four-sentence review, an irony Peacock, author of two critically acclaimed novels, would no doubt address were I in one of her writing classes.

She would probably tell me that there is no perfect…

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Petting Zoos, Methodists, and Misbehavior

The petting zoo has come to BookPeople! Consequently, the average age in the coffee shop--aka my office--is considerably lower than usual. I estimate it at approximately two. Normally I filter out noise and activity to concentrate on writing. The ability to hyperfocus is a gift. Today, however, what's going on around me is more interesting than … Continue reading Petting Zoos, Methodists, and Misbehavior


Friday Fictioneers 100 words Friday Fictioneers Prompt. Copyright Erin Leary.John ambled into the kitchen. "What's cooking?" "Mushroom gravy." Mary kept stirring. John frowned. "Toadstools. Fungi. Dorothy Sayers killed someone with Amanita." "These are morels." She added salt. "Everybody eats mushrooms." "I don't." "Suit yourself." He sat down. "Where'd you buy them?" "I picked them." "You?" "Aunt Helen helped. She knows 'shrooms." Mary held … Continue reading ‘Shrooms

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Today I’m holding forth at Writing Wranglers and Warriors about my near-arrest for preparing to burgle.

Writing Wranglers and Warriors


Posted by Kathy Waller

Driving around my hometown the other day, I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw a sheriff’s department patrol car, right behind me, with a flashing lightbar on top.

I’m not accustomed to that kind of thing, not on a street I’ve always considered mine.

I’ve been pulled over by DPS officers on the highway. Twice, I think, for mild speeding, twice for an expired inspection sticker. I consider that a pretty good record for a person who’s been driving since she was ten.

I’m a good girl, I am.

If any of those officers had known how old I was when I first soloed, they probably would have ticketed me retroactively. But I was just one of several pre-teen drivers in my town. No one thought a thing about it. Our parents taught us well, and they limited our range to the business district: grocery store, post office…

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