Join AMW for the Launch of Murder on Wheels ~ August 11

Please join Austin Mystery Writers Gale Albright, Valerie Chandler, Kaye George, Scott Montgomery, Laura Oles, and Kathy Waller & Earl Staggs and Reavis Wortham as they celebrate the launch of their first crime fiction anthology MURDER ON WHEELS: 11 Tales¬†of Crime on the Move "Eleven stories put the pedal to the floor and never let … Continue reading Join AMW for the Launch of Murder on Wheels ~ August 11

Petting Zoos, Methodists, and Misbehavior

The petting zoo has come to BookPeople! Consequently, the average age in the coffee shop--aka my office--is considerably lower than usual. I estimate it at approximately two. Normally I filter out noise and activity to¬†concentrate on writing. The ability to hyperfocus is a gift. Today, however, what's going on around me is more interesting than … Continue reading Petting Zoos, Methodists, and Misbehavior

My Writing Writing Writing Day: Yeah, Right

In the previous post, I announced my intention to get up, go to BookPeople, write for an hour on a project of not-email and not-post (because Ramona DeFelice Long told me to), and get off the laptop by 7:00 p.m. Here's how the day went. At 8:00 a.m., I discovered Ernest experiencing grave digestive problems … Continue reading My Writing Writing Writing Day: Yeah, Right

Book Not-Quite-Review: Terry Shames

Back in my teaching days, I handed a student a copy of T. H. White's The Once and Future King and told her I thought she might like it. She did. So much, in fact, that she volunteered to write a review for the school newspaper. The review went something like this: I loved this … Continue reading Book Not-Quite-Review: Terry Shames

AMW Workshop: Special Invitation for Procrastinators

Austin Mystery Writers spent Thursday making last-minute preparations for Anatomy of a Mystery, the free workshop it's sponsoring today from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at BookPeople in Austin. I offer two photographs as proof. Some of the people in them are duplicated. (My assigned task was to cut up paper for the raffle. Mission … Continue reading AMW Workshop: Special Invitation for Procrastinators

Mystery Novelist Janice Hamrick & Death Rides Again

The day Eddy Cranny got himself murdered started bad and went downhill from there . . . especially for Eddy. ~ Janice Hamrick, Death Rides Again When I reached the second floor of BookPeople for the June 19th launch of Death Rides Again, Janice Hamrick's latest mystery novel, my day turned around and started uphill … Continue reading Mystery Novelist Janice Hamrick & Death Rides Again

Seeing Fannie

As I was saying when I was so rudely interrupted-- Never mind. The section that vanished when the wireless network disappeared concerned A. S. Byatt's Possession. It's a magnificent novel. My comments were anything but. So I'll quit while I'm ahead. Now to the update on Fannie Flagg: I heard Ms. Flagg speak last Saturday … Continue reading Seeing Fannie

My hero(es)

William is curled up in my clothes closet, either napping or plotting an outrage. He looks so darling, wearing his little orange cream striped pajamas, that I'd like to post a photo of him here. But then you, Gentle Reader, would know more about my closet than would be good for either of us. Moving … Continue reading My hero(es)

Day 22: Sneaky booksellers

A couple of years ago, while Christmas shopping in a chain bookstore I won't identify, I flagged down a salesperson and told her I'd like a closer look at a set of Twilight Zone DVDs. She spun on her heel and strode across the store toward the locked media cabinet. Following, I heard her mutter, … Continue reading Day 22: Sneaky booksellers