My hero(es)

William is curled up in my clothes closet, either napping or plotting an outrage.

He looks so darling, wearing his little orange cream striped pajamas, that I’d like to post a photo of him here. But then you, Gentle Reader, would know more about my closet than would be good for either of us.

Moving on.

Fannie Flagg will appear this Saturday at BookPeople. Her latest novel, I Still Dream About You, is described as “equal parts Southern charm, murder mystery, and that perfect combination of comedy and old-fashioned wisdom…” That quotation appears on the Random House website but is probably accurate even though the possibility of bias exists.

Emma Hagestadt, writing in The Independent, (see link, below), says the book is “a comedy-mystery featuring a group of post-menopausal estate agents – a golden-girl romp every bit as eccentric as it sounds.” Ms. Hagestadt is an experienced reviewer who obviously knows funny when she sees it.

Here is my favorite story about Fannie Flagg: In 1975, Flagg, who had never written fiction, went to the Santa Barbara Writing Conference because her “idol,” Eudora Welty, would be there. As part of the conference, she wrote the story “Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man.” But instead of submitting it under her own name, she used a pseudonym. Flagg’s story won the contest and later became the basis for her first novel.

I don’t know which amuses me more: the fact that Fannie Flagg, an experienced actor and television writer, was too shy to enter a fiction contest under her own name; or the thought of the twinkle in Eudora Welty’s eye when she presented the prize for best story to Pearl Buck.


8 thoughts on “My hero(es)

  1. Where do you find these stories? I think this might be my favorite so far. I love Fannie Flagg and I really want to read this latest book. Of course you’ll be at BookPeople, right? Enjoy for both of us!


    1. I read this one somewhere, years ago, and then found it again in a 2008 issue of Writer’s Digest. The word story links to the article. I’ll be at BookPeople. I’m supposed to provide an appetizer for a dinner seventy miles away, only a couple of hours after Flagg is scheduled to appear. It may end up being part of the main course. :>)


  2. I just finished reading Eudora’s memoir: One Writer’s Beginnings. I highly recommend it, especially for memoir writers.

    Enjoy Fannie Flagg. So sorry that’s too far to travel. I’d love to join you. And I’m sorry not to see the picture of the lad in pjs in closet. I remember such a day with both my boys.


    1. I love that memoir. In fact, I like it more than I do her fiction. Her voice is right there on the page.

      I’ve found my boys are spending more time in that closet than they’d let on. But if they’re going to shed on my clothes, why not start with the items still on hangers?


  3. Fantastic, and how hopeful. To read of a writer who has to sum up courage to go public is so encouraging, isn’t it?
    Thank you. You have brightened a British rainy day.


    1. Very encouraging. And I’m glad I could do something to affect the weather. We had a U.S. drizzly day yesterday, but today it’s back to dry and sunny. At least in this part of the country.


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