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Here’s my latest post at Austin Mystery Writers.

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So you start writing your post about the incomparable Josephine Tey’s mystery novels two weeks before it’s due but don’t finish, and then you forget, and a colleague reminds you, but the piece refuses to come together, and the day it’s due it’s still an embarrassment, and the next day it’s not much better, and you decide, Oh heck, at this point what’s one more day? and you go to bed,

and in the middle of the night you wake to find twenty pounds of cat using you as a mattress, and you know you might as well surrender, because getting him off is like moving Jello with your bare hands,

Elisabet Ney: Lady Macbeth, Detail Elisabet Ney: Lady Macbeth, Detail (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Attribution: Ingrid Fisch at the German language Wikipedia.  GNU_Free_Documentation_License

so you lie there staring at what would be the ceiling if you could see it, and you think, Macbeth doth murder sleep…. Macbeth shall sleep no more,


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Gearing Up

Debra Goldstein is considering how to publicize her new book, SHOULD HAVE PLAYED POKER. She lays out several possibilities, each with its own… Well, read on and you’ll see.

Debra H. Goldstein - DHG's Blog

Gearing Up by Debra H. Goldstein
It’s coming!  Will I survive?  The hardcover version of Should Have Played Poker: a Carrie

ShouldHavePlayedPokerFront New – April 20, 2016

Martin and the Mah Jongg Players Mystery already is available for pre-order, but on April 20, 2016 the print and e-book versions will launch.  I’m excited and scared. I thought the hard work was over – after all, I wrote the book, but now I need to publicize it.

For a shy person who spent a lifetime as a judge deliberately flying under the radar, this is a daunting proposition. Consequently, I’ve been observing others to see if there is a persona I can adopt. Here’s what I’ve observed:
a) Master Promoter – so much in my face that I want to puke (not my style)
b) Promoting is Gauche – and that’s why nobody bought your books after your family and friends helped the first…

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Prairie Lea High School Class of 1966 Senior Will

Map of Texas highlighting Caldwell County
Map of Texas highlighting Caldwell County (Photo credit: Wikipedia) By David Benbennick [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The following Senior Will, excerpted from Prairie Lea High School’s May 1966 War Whoop, was presented at that spring’s Junior-Senior banquet and prom.

Because I had not yet reached the alpine heights of junior-senior-hood, my name doesn’t appear in the list. I do, however, remember the students whose names do appear there. I also remember most of the circumstances leading to the bequests.

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