Prairie Lea High School Class of 1966 Senior Will

Map of Texas highlighting Caldwell County
Map of Texas highlighting Caldwell County (Photo credit: Wikipedia) By David Benbennick [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The following Senior Will, excerpted from Prairie Lea High School’s May 1966 War Whoop, was presented at that spring’s Junior-Senior banquet and prom.

Because I had not yet reached the alpine heights of junior-senior-hood, my name doesn’t appear in the list. I do, however, remember the students whose names do appear there. I also remember most of the circumstances leading to the bequests.

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5 thoughts on “Prairie Lea High School Class of 1966 Senior Will

    1. It was lovely. We all knew one another and got along. K-12 in the same building. When I was in first grade, they put 1-12 (no K then) on buses and hauled us to San Marcos to see The Ten Commandments. Boys’ and girls’ basketball teams rode on the same bus to games, and on the way back from every game, the girls sang the entire Christmas concert, 3-part harmony, and the boys never complained. The coach did once, but that was because the girls had lost. We always lost, so I don’t know why that time was different.


      1. My high school graduating class was 550. If it had been 500, I would have been a National Merit Scholar, since it went by percentage. I was the one right below the cut off line. Grrr.


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