Guest Post: Terry Shames on Writing About Texas as a Lone Star Expat

Terry Shames, author of the Samuel Craddock mysteries, will teach at MysteryPeople’s free workshop today at BookPeople. Her books offer an authentic picture of life in small-town Texas. To read my favorite sentence from A Killing at Cotton Hill, see and

As we continue on with essays by Texas crime fiction writers in celebration of Texas Mystery Writers Month, we turn to Terry Shames, who will be teaching at our free workshop coming up this Saturday, May 21st, from 9:30 AM – 4 PM. Here Terry discusses writing about her home state as a Lone Star expat.

  • Guest post from Terry Shames

James Joyce said of writing about Dublin, “if you wanted to succeed, you had to leave—especially if success meant writing about that place in a way it had not been written about before.” He writes about Dublin as a setting where he felt constrained by the essence of the place that was so much itself. I wouldn’t think of comparing myself as a writer to James Joyce, but I understand what he meant and I feel in a visceral way the truth of what he said in my writing about…

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