William’s straw

William and Ernest have been part of our family for seven years now–or, more accurately, they have been the family for seven years–and to celebrate I’m reblogging a piece originally posted on Whiskertips. It was written when they were little and cute and spent less time sleeping in sunbeams.

Please forgive the mangled text. Because of changes WordPress has made to its platform, captions that appeared under photographs in the original posting do not appear under photographs in the reblog. They appear in the main text and make a bit of a mess. This poses a problem, as is obvious in the post below, but I can’t correct it.


William's straw William with straw When William came to live with us, he brought a straw toy.

He offered to let Ernest play with it.

William and Ernest with straw William and Ernest with straw

Ernest thought the straw toy was neat.

More William and Ernest with straw More William and Ernest with straw

After three months, the straw toy had become so mangled that “straw” was no longer accurate. See photograph, above.

A new straw was acquired and a new toy constructed. It doesn’t have the character of the original, but the owners are working on it.

William and Ernest without straw William and Ernest without straw

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4 thoughts on “William’s straw

  1. I’ve never been fond of WordPress’s “reblog” feature. What I’ve found is that the only captioning that seems to work is the captioning you apply to your own photos in your media library. And if you ever change a caption, it changes for all posts you’ve ever used it in before.

    When I’m worried about a caption, I use an external photo link such as one from Flickr or Imgur. Or used to… I had that issue this morning when I was trying to make my post. The Facebook video link I wanted to add kept taking over my page and deleting all the text in my post. 😦

    I wonder if WordPress is trying to push its users to upgrade to extra onsite storage….


    1. I don’t think the captions would have changed if I’d been reblogging a recent post. Since I’ve never had a problem reblogging other posts, I assume pulling one originally posted in 2009 caused the problem. I still post using the WP Admin and generally have no trouble inserting from my media library, except for captions not appearing within the border of the photos. I’ve read that WP’s changes will make it easier for posts to be read on phones and tablets, which is good, but I don’t understand why the process of posting had to be changed–seems like they’re fixing things that aren’t broken. But whatever will be will be. (And I’ll keep gritting my teeth when I run into glitches.)

      That said–Thanks very much for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

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      1. Ah! You make a great point about the whole tablets/phone things, that could be the explanation.

        I always had issues with reblogging stuff. Guess it’s just the way it is…


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