Memorial Day 2017

“Flags, Fourth of July” is licensed by Melinda VanLeone under CC BY-NC 2.0.

A number of men from Fentress, Texas, served in World War II. Two did not return.

Marshall Langley was the son of Will and Essie Langley, my family’s very good neighbors. Marshall graduated from Texas A & M,  which commissioned more officers during World War II than West Point did. His name appears in Texas Aggies Go to War: In Service of Their Country. He died in France in 1944, leaving a wife and an infant son.

Dunallen McCaskill was lost when the plane he was piloting went down over water. August 1942 USAAF Overseas Accident Reports lists the site as “Unknown, PAN” (Panama). Dunallen was my father’s friend. His family left Fentress before I was born but I heard many stories about them. Neighbors described them as kindhearted, spontaneous, fun-loving, and much loved. Dunallen’s mother never lost hope that he would one day come home.


First posted here on Memorial Day 2012


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2017

  1. Kathy – in your story about Lydia turning 60’s and granny girl’s comments, is “Lydia” my grandmother Elizabeth Dwyer Veazey Lynn? I have hunted the family tree for a Lydia, to no avail! My grandmother or Aunt Bowa were the only possible explanations! Please confirm! Love the story! Sharon Lynn Arnold


  2. Sharon–It’s good to hear from you. The “Lydia” is Bowa. I’m sorry to have led you to search the family tree. I didn’t want readers hearing Vahra instead of Vayra, so I renamed her. Glad you liked the story. It’s one Mother told, and I can imagine Grannygirl propped up against pillows in the four-poster bed, musing over Bowa’s advanced age. ~ Kathy


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