Day of the Dark: Stories of Eclipse

V. P. Chandler interviews Kaye George, Laura Oles, and me about our stories, and thoughts on, DAY OF THE DARK: Stories of the Eclipse.

Austin Mystery Writers

DAY OF THE DARK (Wildside, July 2017)

Interview for Day of the Dark

Are you excited about the upcoming eclipse on August 21rst? Well you aren’t the only one. And Austin Mystery Writer members, Kathy Waller and Laura Oles, contributed stories to an anthology titled, Day of the Dark. Every story takes place during the eclipse. The idea for the anthology came from the imagination of former AMW member, Kaye George.

Amazon says: A recipe for disaster: take one total solar eclipse, add two dozen spine-chilling mysteries, and shake the reader until the world ends in Day of the Dark!

So if you don’t mind, I’d like to get Kaye George, Laura Oles, and Kathy Waller to tell us more about it.

VP Chandler- Kaye George, where did you get the idea for the anthology?

KG- I got the idea as soon as I heard about the eclipse and how…

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