My Life: Humdrum but Useful

I posted last Friday at Writing Wranglers and Warriors. Attacked a question asked of many writers. To read on, click the link.

Writing Wranglers and Warriors

This post is by M. K. Waller

Where do writers get their ideas?

More to the point, where do I get my ideas?

When I blog, most of them are drawn from my life–things I’ve done, seen, heard, read about, or been told by trusted sources. It may take a while to choose one from the chaos that is my brain–my topic changed four times while I was composing this post.

But experts say, “Write what you know.”

So I do.

I’ve blogged about

a pebble changing the universe

extremism and the cat under the bed

pajamas and the Google fiber men 

Pajamas © Kathy Waller

no-cow branding

the life of an artist, parts Iand II

hansel, gretel, cuthbert, and me

a parboiled goose

IMG_2679 (3) Biting cat © Kathy Waller

a cat bite

eye of tot and toe of tad

feral chickens

my weird husband

Weird husband. © Kathy…

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2 thoughts on “My Life: Humdrum but Useful

  1. Austin Mystery Writers have done it again! LONE STAR LAWLESS is their newest collection of fourteen mysteries by thirteen authors including those written by Fentress native, Kathy Waller Davis. This anthology will please the most discerning readers. I will order more copies to give as gifts this Christmas for family and friends. Go to to order your copies of LONE STAR LAWLESS: 14 TEXAS TALES OF CRIME by Austin Mystery Writers for only $12.99 a copy.

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  2. Thanks, Patsy, for the kind words. The book is one of my un-humdrum moments. The other mystery writers will be thrilled to see the review. And “thrilled” is not an exaggeration.


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