Weep, Explode, or Quote Chaucer

[ The following is a rant about WordPress’ new, improved stuff, so skip it if you  wish. This post began as a semi-humorous post, but after four plus hours of writing and trying to format it, I am seriously disgusted, and disgusted is a mild term. After I completed the post, my paragraphs disappeared. It was one long block of text. I found a way to bring the paragraphs back. Ready to post for the second time, I previewed and saw again one long block of text. This is the third copy-and-paste version. It was done on the old WP Admin version, after WP stopped sending me to later versions. Paragraphs were okay the last time I looked, but I have no idea where they’ll be when you see it. So. The post is semi-humorous, but if I were writing it now, it would be titled, “Quoting Chaucer.”

[I just discovered some of the paragraphs aren’t double spaced, even though I double-double spaced all of them trying to make them double spaced. If you can follow my meaning.

[I also just discovered I posted it on the wrong blog, so I have to apologize to my co-bloggers there. It just does not stop.

[Thank you for allowing me to vent my spleen.

[Postscript: On the other blog where I (accidentally) posted this, the paragraphs are back. Go figure.]

Dear Readers, I accidentally posted a test post. I wrote a test post because WordPress is introducing a new method of posting–they say it’s “modern”–and I was trying to figure out how to perform a certain function for a friend who asked me because she couldn’t figure it out.
IMG_3454 (2)
I didn’t choose to use the “modern” way. I used  it because when I tried to use the Old Fashioned, Sensible way, the “modern” way popped up. I didn’t ask to use it, I didn’t ask to test it, I just GOT it. I thought I had figured out how to do what I wanted to do, but obviously I hadn’t, because I clicked something I thought I understood, and there it was–posted for all to see. One really neat aspect of this “modern” way of posting–in case you’re not sure, the continued use of quotation marks stands for I am being sarcastic because if I don’t, I will weep, explode, and/or type words that would cause WordPress to delete my blog because I have it registered as friendly to families*. As I was saying before I digressed, one really neat feature is that most commands are hidden behind one little plus sign way up in the left corner. No more comprehensive toolbar (or it might be a task bar) at the top like the original WP Admin has, no more abbreviated toolbar at the top (like the second generation “improved posting experience” has), just a *#&!(^ plus sign in an out-of-the-way place where it won’t attract attention, especially the attention of bloggers who want to know where all the stuff on the old toolbar has disappeared to.
pilcrow - paint
Pilcrow, inexpertly but sincerely rendered
Another neat feature–when you’ve pre-scheduled a post and then want to go back in and edit the pre-scheduled post, it takes three clicks to get to the draft format so you can make changes. It used to take no clicks at all. If I’m wrong about the three clicks, I will admit my error. When I tried it, it took three clicks. I pre-scheduled the test post so I could experiment with the commands–those I could find–and then, I thought, unscheduled it. But oh, silly me, I guess I didn’t unschedule it, because when I went back in to confirm that I knew how it worked–whoosh–there went the post, out into cyperspace, where it will live forever. I guess I didn’t know how it worked. A third invaluable feature–under the little plus, there’s a pilcrow–the symbol that means start a new paragraph. About that, I will say no more. Back when WP introduced the “improved posting experience,” there was a place users could tell WP what they thought. We were invited to tell them. A whole bunch of us did. Some people thought it was peachy keen. Others thought it was wretched and said so. I remember saying I thought they were rolling out a new version just because they could. I’d never said that to anyone, but having already said so many things they didn’t take seriously, I figured I might as well insult them as not. They responded that I surely knew my accusation wasn’t true.
2018-09-29 ttn pixabay karen_nadine cc0 angel-2073098_640
I didn’t bother to be ashamed of my outburst because other people burst worse than I did. To all of us rabblerousers, WP said we were stodgy and set in our ways and didn’t want to learn something new. As far as I’m concerned, WP should have apologized for that. Some of us threatened to move our blogs to Blogger or another service. After a while, WP stopped responding to our remarks. The roused rabble continued remarking. One in particular noted several times that WP had stopped responding. There may be a place for users to tell WP what they think of the “modern” way of posting, but so far I haven’t found it.** I suspect they learned their lesson the first time. I don’t know if our input was responsible, but WP kept the original posting “experience” as an alternative to the “improved” one. The original page has more words and therefore is more flexible than the newer experiences. It also has more links to other functions, so fewer clicks are needed to navigate the site. Some of the rabble suggested WP created the “improved” (second) version to make it easier for new users. To that I say–LET THEM READ THE ******* SCREEN. Like READ the WORDS.
2018-09-29 canterbury pilgrim pixabay cc0 chaucer-3306450_640
Riding to Canterbury
Oh oh oh! Look look look! When I previewed this post, it appeared as one long paragraph. Just one more thing. So I opened a second screen and copied and pasted the post into it. And what should appear but the message,
It’s the classic WordPress editor and it’s a block! Drop the editor right in.
I see no advantage to the blocks.
(And I would like to drop the editor right in.)
In addition, the toolbar appeared at the top. When you click the little plus, one of the choices is Classic. Maybe this means WP Admin will remain. As in, They learned their lesson.
I guess the Classic was there the first time I clicked the plus. I guess I should have read all the box. If I hadn’t been jangled by the little plus, I might have.
Just so you’ll know: I’ve used the “improved experience.” It’s okay, if you want just the basics. If you want to do anything more, or to find out something you don’t know, you’ll have to take a circuitous route.
I also appreciate that WordPress offers this service free of charge. I pay for extra features, and that’s fine with me. However, I would like basic features to work.
Let me be clear: WordPress malfunctions, large or small, are not important. As many scientists observe, global warming is important.
2018-09-30 ttm scroll pixabay cc0 harold-933746_640
Reading a scroll
As Spencer Tracy observed, plumbing is important. But right now, WordPress’ messing with my posting “experience” has brought me to the verge of apoplexy. The “modern” experience, by the way, is called Gutenberg, a most inappropriate name. Because believe me, folks, if Johann Gutenberg has invented this, we would still be using scrolls.


*I don’t know a lot of those words, but I will use the ones I know, and if I need more,  I’ll find more on the Internet. The Internet is not family friendly. I learned most of the words I know by studying Chaucer. **But I’m going to keep looking.


Another test: this is a test ddd kkk ggg

4 thoughts on “Weep, Explode, or Quote Chaucer

  1. Oh, Kathy, I feel your angst, I really do. Blogger is very nice and doesn’t seem to change.
    PS. This may post twice because I left the screen and it disappeared.
    PPS. If you don’t have the new gmail yet, brace yourself. It’s awful.


    1. So far it’s posted only once. But who knows? A second might appear at any moment.
      I just opened my gmail to find the new version. I’d seen it but switched back to the old one. I guess we’re stuck with it. That little highlight thing that runs down the inbox when you run your mouse over the emails–I have a hard time reading when that’s going on. As it will until they come up with something new and improved.

      Remember when new and improved products were just like their predecessors but with “new and improved” written on the box? We should go back to that.


      1. I found out how to disable that thing that pokes the stuff out. Way down in the settings you can disable a hover something. Who ever thought that would be a good idea???


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