The Great Moving-In: Settling In


Some of us is.


Some of us ain’t.


7 thoughts on “The Great Moving-In: Settling In

  1. I’m glad you’re getting there. It takes a long time to get moved in! For me, anyway. I’ve been here 6, 7 years? I still have unpacked boxes.

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    1. They do get embarrassed. My husband and I are very careful to give them plenty of space when they’re in their litter boxes. This time, being in litter box territory wasn’t his idea. We let him out of his carrier there so he would know where the boxes are. He stayed in the carrier for a long time, then crawled out and hid behind a box, and then made his way around to the side. After about four hours, he’s still there, but curled up. I imagine he’ll emerge when the lights go out. One laid-back cat, one nervous cat.

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    1. For celebrities, there is no privacy. And with all the space they’ve gotten on this blog, these cats are big-time famous. And paparazzi magnets. Thanks for the reblog. The guys and I appreciate it.

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