Learning Stuff

I am learning to use the WordPress Block Editor.

First task: insert images, one from WordPress free photo library and one from my computer.

Two Cats

Photo by kendra coupland on Pexels.com
Photo by kathy waller

Second task: Insert a gallery

More cats

Third task: Resize and align an image

One Tee-shirt

Resized and aligned center

Fourth task: insert verse

William Bit Me

William bit me at the vet,
Didn't like the aide's assistance,
Used his claws and fangs to set
On the path of most resistance.
Say I'm teary, say I'm mad,
Say that pills and needles hit me,
Say my arm's inflamed, and add,
William bit me.


That’s all I intend to learn today.

3 thoughts on “Learning Stuff

  1. I’ve been using WP for a year now but I refuse to use the new blocks. Too clunky, chunky for me. LOL! I installed the Tiny MCE Advanced plug-in and use the Classic Paragraph blocks that way. But then again, it’s always hard for me to change. But with five (or is it six) sites in WP, I’m fairly comfortable.


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