Ernest, Vigilant

An hour ago, Ernest had his monthly dose of anti-flea medication.

Process: David sprayed calming spray and gave it time to take effect, then dragged Ernest out from under the china cabinet, put him on my lap, and held him steady while I squeezed the little droplets onto the back of his neck.

Afterward, David retreated to the bedroom to dose William, who is perpetually calm.

Ernest has been sitting beside me, in the same position, staring down the hallway, ever since David left. I think he would like to crawl back under the china cabinet, but he’s too calm to move.

But he is vigilant. Ever vigilant. He never knows when an enemy agent might assault him with essential oils and pheremones.

And what then? The possibilities are too terrible to imagine.

He’s heard about flea baths.

Ernest, vigilant

3 thoughts on “Ernest, Vigilant

  1. What do you use as a calming spray?



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    1. I’ll ask David and let you know. He’s the cat expert now. We have to use it for vet visits, flea treatments, anything that requires cooperation. It works. He may look daggers at us, but he can’t work up the energy to effectively resist. It’s easier to pull him out from under the bed.


  2. I think I told you about the calming spray on FB, right? It’s Just Relax calming spray with essential oils. The woman at the vet counter at the pet store recommended it. I sometimes feel bad about using it, but we have to, and it doesn’t hurt him. He can still resist–he sometimes has to be pulled out from under the bed–but it gets him into the carrier and still enough to get his flea medicine applied. A vet one time suggest we could give him a flea bot–he had an accent and I had to ask several times before I realized it was a flea bath–but I told him I didn’t want to be shredded. The spray might work for that but I’m not willing to chance it, and it would probably be the last time the spray worked.


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