New Year’s Eve 2020

William and Ernest, December 31, 2017

William and Ernest, December 31, 2020. See above.

They don’t go in for change.

Best wishes for a happy 2021

from the Davis family, humans included.

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve 2020

  1. loved the photos…Happy New Year & I received your sweet thank you note…more later…??


    ?? Blessings!

    [cid:b8e65648-61e0-464e-85c5-a96c68e1dc93] Mariana ________________________________


  2. I’m glad you like the photos. Cats are the most interesting people at our house. Especially in 2o2o. More later, I hope, depending on my ability to hold the pen. A disgusting development, but that’s what happens when you concentrate on a keyboard.


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