Letter Home from College

December 6 of my freshman year, possibly to announce I would fail all my final exams and all my courses. I thought it best that the parents be prepared.

By the end of the second semester, my mother had stopped believing me.

Mass communication is easy when your uncle is the postmaster. See upper left corner.

Later, maybe when Uncle Joe bought new mailboxes, our box number changed from 46 to 44. At some point, our phone number changed from 2622 to 2384.

I can’t remember my current cell phone number, but I do remember how to call home in 1970. I remember some of the answers on that biology final, too.

We’re moving again, so I’m finding stuff I ought to throw away but can’t.

4 thoughts on “Letter Home from College

  1. It’s a great keepsake! And I can still remember the phone number of the house I lived in when I was 7. My mother made me memorize it in case I got lost!


  2. I remember that our phone number in Fentress was HUnter 8-2400, then later 488-2400, then when the area code arrived, 512-488-2400. Your Uncle Joe was a special man, as was your dad. After he and Laura moved to California, I continued to send him Christmas cards and letters, and after our third daughter was born, he sent a reply: “Cullen, unfortunately, you live in a house where the seats are always down!”


  3. This is so funny, and so very apt. I’ve been busy with sorting through my cousin’s estate. Each day I return to my own house, I look at the family ‘stuff’ and make the hard choices between tossing what means nothing to me and saving it because it was important to my mom or dad. Discovering bits of family history are so much fun.


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