The Case of the Missing Roomba

 I ordered from a business I won’t name but you know what it is–a roomba costing over $300. It was supposed to be delivered by ten o’clock last night.
They have posted a picture of our door–definitely ours–with package on mat. THE DELIVERY MAN DID NOT KNOCK, so I didn’t spend the evening opening the door.
Today, no package on mat. I will chat–or maybe request a phone call–and tell them what happened. I think they bear some responsibility, since THE DELIVERY MAN DID NOT KNOCK. I know he didn’t, because we were home all night and the cats didn’t go flying under the bed.
David said don’t order another one. He said he’d vacuum.
I like to vacuum but am not sure I can handle a vacuum cleaner now, or in the future.
My friend said when her package was stolen around Christmas, the company sent her another one. I hope they send me another.
If they do, I will be happy. If they do, David will be VERY happy,
I really want a roomba so I can see if the cats will ride on it.
There are more cat + roombas on Yotube.
Does anyone know why my post will not double-space, even though it triple-spaces on the edit screen?

4 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Roomba

    1. They sent another one! No questions asked, I haven’t used it yet because I have to use the traditional vacuum first–several layers of cat hair–but I think I’m going to love it. But I doubt I can get a cat to ride it.

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  1. I’d like to see a photo of the cat riding the roomba, so I hope they replace it. 😉
    What a rotten thing to happen.


  2. Amazon sent another, bless them. One cat will probably stay under the bed–he’s afraid of aluminum foil–the other will look at it and say big deal. The videos of cats riding them are hilarious, but I won’t be posting one.


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