Y Is for Y’all–Dictionary +: #atozchallenge

    Note: I wrote the following early on Saturday, April 27, Y-Day, but left posting until I returned from hearing La Boheme at Austin Opera. I got home later than expected, however, and forgot to post. When I remembered, it was already the 28th. I could have beaten myself up for fouling out of … Continue reading Y Is for Y’all–Dictionary +: #atozchallenge

Making Whoopee and Little Black Books

I'm a distractible adult. I wasn't a distractible child, but things change. I blame the Internet. Open it to check one thing, and I'm lost for hours. It's like a dictionary. You know how it is: you look up ablative and right below it you see ablative absolute, and before you can close the book, … Continue reading Making Whoopee and Little Black Books