The Recipe–But Nothing to Do With Cooking

Several years ago, during my annual physical exam, my doctor asked, "Do you drink?" He always asks that. I like to give doctors accurate information, so I said, "About three glasses of wine a year."* He said, "You don't drink." This year when asked I said, "I don't guess I can drink since I've had … Continue reading The Recipe–But Nothing to Do With Cooking

100 Words: I Told You–

Friday Fictioneers: Write a 100-word story based on the prompt.     Screams pierced the air. The woman dropped her trowel and raced across the yard. “What happened?" Pushing through a ring of children, she lifted the crying child, examined the swelling lip. A Greek chorus erupted. “--wasp--” “--hydrant--” “--stung--" “Lisabeth, I told you not to drink from the hydrant.” Then, … Continue reading 100 Words: I Told You–