Hansel and Gretel and Cuthbert and Me

This is the story of Cuthbert, a five-year-old boy who visited my school library for twenty minutes every week. My job was to teach him about the library. I'm not sure what his job was. But he was very good at it. * Once upon a time, I read "Hansel and Gretel" to a class … Continue reading Hansel and Gretel and Cuthbert and Me

Excerpt: Lynna Williams’ “Personal Testimony”

In yesterday's post I wrote about Lynna Williams' story "Personal Testimony." Here are the first three paragraphs of the story. ### "The last night of church camp, 1963, and I am sitting on the front row of the junior mixed-voice choir looking out on the crowd in the big sanctuary tent. The tent glows, green … Continue reading Excerpt: Lynna Williams’ “Personal Testimony”