B Is for Behind: #atozchallenge

A story from my friend the high school business teacher: A student in her bookkeeping class asked what arrears means. Said the teacher, "It means you're behind." And twenty-five shocked teenage faces stared in profound silence. ***   I'm behind. Nothing new. I don't live a hurry-up-and-wait existence; mine is wait-and-hurry-up. The condition won't be … Continue reading B Is for Behind: #atozchallenge

01.01.2013: As Yet, Unfinished, but Finished Now

I've done it again. Gotten my days mixed up. Earlier today, I decided to enter the WordPress Post Every Day 2013 challenge. I added the badge, which had just become available, to the blog's sidebar and congratulated myself on having already posted on January 1. At 11:58 p.m., something moved me to look at the … Continue reading 01.01.2013: As Yet, Unfinished, but Finished Now

Cow Swapping

Ever have one of those days when you have a zillion things to do, but you can't get them done? Because you start one thing, but then you think you should be doing another thing, so you start that, but you remember you need to do something else? So you stop starting anything at all? … Continue reading Cow Swapping