Back from camp

I’m home from the Texas Mountain Trail Writers Writing Round-up. Post-retreat blues–why do retreats have to end?–have lifted. Fatigue from hauling suitcase, duffel bag, and a stack of books halfway across Texas and back has vanished. Euphoria from seeing a basket filled with real homemade biscuits sitting beside a pot of gravy has settled.

Delight at hearing Blair Pittman tell stories about his experiences in Terlingua and the Big Bend, and then making a spur-of-the-moment decision to swing through the Park before coming home remains.

Resolve formed while listening to author and editor speak about writing balks, needing a good swift kick, which shall be administered forthwith.

4 thoughts on “Back from camp

  1. Looking forward to hearing more! I know what you mean about retreats. Leaving and coming back to “the real world” is a jolt. Sometimes I just want to stay in that experience, rather than returning home. Of course, at home, we can embrace the experience anew every time we act on something we learned there. I’d love to read your story.


    1. The worst was leaving the Story Circle 2008 conference. Now that you mention it, I do keep going back to that experience. I’d never thought of it that way. Hmmm… I’d like to post the story but will have to check with TMTW on that, since it’ll be in next year’s publication. I might have to wait for that to come out.


  2. I’m with Susan. As you feel up to it, I’m eager to hear more about what you learned, how it went. Blogging about the key points is such a powerful way of reinforcing them.


    1. I will be writing more about the retreat. My next project is to get out my notes and think about how to apply what I learned. It’s harder to get Big Bend out of my head than I thought it would be–I seem to have brought the mountains home with me.


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