Silver Linings

After yesterday’s post, I believe I owe it to you–and to myself–to write about my Silver Linings.

When I got home from Just for the Hell of It Writers (by way of the grocery store) this afternoon , I found a FedEx tag clipped to the door. Two packages, it said, had been delivered to the office of my apartment complex. They’d been dropped off at 2:00 p.m.

I called the office to confirm it was open before walking down there. The manager said she had no package.

I went online to track the packages. The FedEx website said they would be delivered on Monday. This is Friday.

I called FedEx. Customer service said the packages were back on the truck and would be available for pickup today from 6:00 pm. to 9:00 p.m. and tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

When David came in from work, I reported all this. He said we could retrieve the packages tonight. But because I had a migraine hangover–I woke up this morning with the darned thing and by evening still felt as if I were made of eggshells–I said I’d wait until tomorrow. Except for the pain of laptop withdrawal, there was no rush.

Then, out of the blue, came a robust knock at the door. Ernest and William scrambled up the stairs to safety. David ran to the door.

A young woman in a FedEx uniform stood on the sidewalk, holding a clipboard and two packages: an external hard drive and a replacement hard drive.

“I tried earlier, but the office wasn’t open,” she said.

I thanked her and told her we’d planned to pick up the packages ourselves.

“Then I just saved you a trip.” She grinned and walked back to her truck.

That young woman saved me more than a trip. Because she made a second attempt at delivery, my headache of a day took a sudden upturn. She was my first Silver Lining.

David was my second. After I hooked up the external hard drive to the laptop, he spent two hours trying to back up the wonky internal hard drive so it can be replaced by a non-wonky one. Unfortunately, the manual accompanying the external drive was short on instructions. It told, in four languages, how to connect and to disconnect the drive but not how to use it.

A third Silver Lining, however, appeared in the small print: the address of a website offering tech support. It was too late to speak to a technician, so David e-mailed the question. We’re waiting for a username and password so we can access the answer.

So there’s tomorrow’s Silver Lining: instructions about running the necessary backup, and then installation of the new hard drive. And finally I’ll be back in business–in a comfortable chair.

I realize I did things wrong. The song says, “Look for the silver lining.” I didn’t. I looked at the migraine and the idle laptop and the uncomfortable chair and the work I wasn’t getting done.

Nevertheless, Silver Linings appeared.

The mystery here is why I’m so surprised. After all, I’ve been married to a Silver Lining for the past six years.

6 thoughts on “Silver Linings

  1. Thank you, Kathy! You are one of my Silver Linings today. I needed to “hear” this. A rough couple of days (including a migraine) had me face-to-face with the negativity critter. I needed to be reminded to look past him, and see all the silver linings and blessings I do have. You know what, that just banishes that critter! Begone from here!


    1. I’m glad could be a Silver Lining for you, Susan. You’ve certainly been one for me in the months past. And you continue to be, every time one of your posts shows up in my e-mail.


  2. I’m glad you got your computer stuff. (I am savvy about that there modern computer lingo) Be nice to be back in Big Bend and just drive and drive. Then you don’t have to worry about daily life. Just look at that big sky. Plenty of silver linings up there. There’s just something about an endless horizon that’s calming.
    Just would have been nice to get a snap of those javelinas.
    Keep my fingers crossed for your laptop total return to health.


    1. Thanks for crossing your fingers. It’s backing up now. I’m impressed by your knowledge of computer lingo. More photos are on the way. I forgot what happened in the middle of the second transmission, but something did. Ready for Big Bend and no daily life any old time.


  3. Does the FedEx event come under the heading of Random Acts of Kindness? Our newspaper runs a column with letters from readers reporting such events.

    Hope your backup has worked and everything is well on the way to full recovery by now!


    1. I don’t know whether it qualifies under FedEx rules–I guess it’s part of her job–but it was an Act of Kindness I wasn’t expecting. Maybe I need to compose a letter to the editor.


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