Just for the Hell of It Writers adopt motto*

*Motto: a short phrase that usually expresses a moral aim or purpose. Or, in this case, an immoral aim or purpose. Or an amoral one. Whatever. Anyway, writing is high on our to-do list, and tomorrow is most assuredly another day.**

**JFTHOI Writers–at least the one responsible for this blog–hope readers understand that (1) irony is the spice of life, and (2) we write a lot more than we let on, and (3) the process is more fun when we can laugh about it.

6 thoughts on “Just for the Hell of It Writers adopt motto*

  1. Laughing is a necessary ingredient of writing–or at least of the process of writing. I think it’s when I start to take myself too seriously that I have more problems. The “motto” just suggests that sometimes we need our space to write, right?


  2. I say if it’s good enough to put off today, it’s good enough to put off tomorrow.
    And when tomorrow comes, well, you know….
    That way I can just keep thinking about writing and not have to actually put quill to parchment.
    Didn’t Paul Bunyan write Pilgrim’s Progress in prison? That would be bootcamp for writer’s block. If you can’t leave and can’t talk to anyone or watch TV or use a computer or even have chocolate, of course you’re going to pick up that quill and write, write, write.
    Did anyone ever read I Capture the Castle? It’s about a once-famous writer with permanent writer’s block who lives in poverty in a crumbling old castle. His daughters lock him up in a tower and tell him he can’t come out until he gives them x amount of pages.
    Maybe we could start a writer prison boot camp company.


    1. Yes, I know.

      I read I Capture the Castle. As far as I know, you and I are the only ones who have read it. I recommended it to my library ladies, but they smiled and read what they wanted. I’d forgotten it was about a blocked writer. I do remember a girl sitting on a high wall. Dodie? Maybe the wall wasn’t so high, and maybe it wasn’t a wall. Maybe Dodie was the author’s name.

      I like the writer prison boot camp company. We could lock ’em up and sit outside the cells and write. Or just live off company profits.

      The author of I Capture the Castle wrote 101 Dalmations. I remember that much.


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