What I Learned from Ernest Hemingway, Plus a Photo of Gregory Peck, Plus Snakes

What if soy milk is just milk introducing itself in Spanish?* *** To Write, etc., has been dormant for a while because I've been (a) playing spider solitaire, and (b) working on two pieces of literature: (1) a story entitled "When Cheese Is Love," which needs to be 5,000 words but is currently 6,200 words, necessitating … Continue reading What I Learned from Ernest Hemingway, Plus a Photo of Gregory Peck, Plus Snakes

Grappling with King Charles’ Head

I have been--to use a term I learned from fellow blogger Kate Shrewsday--in a funk hole. Recent events in the American political arena have had me biting my tongue and wearing mittens to keep from making an abject fool of myself on this blog. Every time I started a post, I immediately thought of a … Continue reading Grappling with King Charles’ Head

#ROW80 8/7 & 100 Words

On Sunday, I wrote on assignment: 100 words. The assignment was extraordinary because someone asked me to write it. People don't often ask me to write. I usually ask myself, and then I either grant or refuse my own request. If I want me to write a blog post, I write it. If I want … Continue reading #ROW80 8/7 & 100 Words

Pact and Peoria

There was a young girl from Peoria Whose name was Regina Victoria. Said she with a sigh, “It is certain that I Should reside at the Waldorf-Astoria.” I've made a pact: I will write for at least forty-five minutes each morning before going on-line to check e-mail. When I start with e-mail, a message leads … Continue reading Pact and Peoria

Just for the Hell of It Writers adopt motto*

*Motto: a short phrase that usually expresses a moral aim or purpose. Or, in this case, an immoral aim or purpose. Or an amoral one. Whatever. Anyway, writing is high on our to-do list, and tomorrow is most assuredly another day.** **JFTHOI Writers--at least the one responsible for this blog--hope readers understand that (1) irony … Continue reading Just for the Hell of It Writers adopt motto*

Back in the slammer again

Today's horoscope said, "A person who means well will throw a wrench into the works." That was the man who came to paint the front door. The go-between told me he would be here at 9:00 a.m. I was supposed to secure my cats before he arrived. Securing cats meant I had to (1) get … Continue reading Back in the slammer again