#ROW80 8/7 & 100 Words

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On Sunday, I wrote on assignment: 100 words.

The assignment was extraordinary because someone asked me to write it.

People don’t often ask me to write. I usually ask myself, and then I either grant or refuse my own request.

If I want me to write a blog post, I write it.

If I want me to write something requiring effort, I make a list of all the housework I need to do, and then I sit down and start an old P. D. James mystery on Netflix and immerse myself in e-mail.

Or I take Ernest to the vet.

Never mind. That was last week. Monday has arrived, and with it new resolve.

Today: Draft new Molly scenes and send to critique group.

I’d like to add a sunny little punch line here. If one occurs to me later, I’ll add it.


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11 thoughts on “#ROW80 8/7 & 100 Words

  1. Kathy, it seems like at least half of the ROW80 group has needed a break this past week, so don’t feel alone! Congratulations on the assignment, and on moving ahead with Molly! YAY! 😀


  2. Is that what it takes? OK, your assignment is to turn something in at critique group every other week. See, not even every week (because then I would have to, too).


  3. Writing in microcosm is the hardest challenge of all.The tiny 100-word form demands as much concentration as that inside an atom, and I have been hauled over the coals many a time for going over on the word count. A great achievement, Kathy 🙂


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