#ROW80 8/7 & 100 Words

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On Sunday, I wrote on assignment: 100 words.

The assignment was extraordinary because someone asked me to write it.

People don’t often ask me to write. I usually ask myself, and then I either grant or refuse my own request.

If I want me to write a blog post, I write it.

If I want me to write something requiring effort, I make a list of all the housework I need to do, and then I sit down and start an old P. D. James mystery on Netflix and immerse myself in e-mail.

Or I take Ernest to the vet.

Never mind. That was last week. Monday has arrived, and with it new resolve.

Today: Draft new Molly scenes and send to critique group.

I’d like to add a sunny little punch line here. If one occurs to me later, I’ll add it.


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11 thoughts on “#ROW80 8/7 & 100 Words

  1. Kathy, it seems like at least half of the ROW80 group has needed a break this past week, so don’t feel alone! Congratulations on the assignment, and on moving ahead with Molly! YAY! 😀


    1. Sometimes I feel like a ROW80 fraud, but it does keep me coming back week after week. Thanks for the congrats, and for commenting.


  2. Is that what it takes? OK, your assignment is to turn something in at critique group every other week. See, not even every week (because then I would have to, too).


  3. Writing in microcosm is the hardest challenge of all.The tiny 100-word form demands as much concentration as that inside an atom, and I have been hauled over the coals many a time for going over on the word count. A great achievement, Kathy 🙂


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