#ROW80 8/31 & Campaigning

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***Less than 2 hours left. Read on immediately.***

I never saw a project I wouldn’t raise my hand and volunteer for.

That’s how I became editor of HoTXSinC’s newsletter, HOTSHOTS!

The official story is that Sylvia Dickey Smith forced the job on me. It’s true she gave me several long, hard looks, and we were sitting in church at the time, and that’s a lot of pressure for a sensitive soul such as I to endure.

But Sylvia didn’t make me do anything. The little imp that resides in the back of my mind leaned forward and hissed, “It might be fun.” And I agreed and raised my hand.

I might as well admit I like the job. It’s grown on me.

Volunteering is also how I got into A Round of Words in 80 Days. I’ve forgotten how I found the blog, but the minute I saw it, that imp emerged again, and I signed on to set goals and to post my progress twice a week. Lately, twice has been a relative term—I sometimes get my days mixed up—but I’m still in the fray. Because it looked like fun.

Then, just minutes ago, I clicked over to Totsymae‘s blog, and what did I find? A paragraph about, and a link to, Third Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign.

According to Totsymae, if I join, I might get some notoriety.

Notoriety has never been at the top of my list, but ever since I saw that movie, Cary Grant has been. If there’s even a chance that someone Cary Grant-ish might happen by, I’m in with all four feet.

Further, says Totsymae, “You’ll also get a chance to meet like-minded folk, and that’s always fun, interesting or tiresome, depending on how you feel about yourself and which sides you’re liking or disliking on a given day.”

Note the word fun. I was on it like a duck on a Junebug.

(Not that I didn’t see interesting or tiresome, which I take to mean I might have to settle for Claude Rains, but that’s okay, because I think he’s cute, too.)

Anyway—even though I don’t really approve of the word platform as it applies to writers, platform being something of which there are three in The Scarlett Letter—I’m doing the same old thing, voluntarily latching on to one more project.

Blogging about the Third Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign is step #3 in the latching-on process. Including a link is step #3.1.

In step #3.2, I’m supposed to encourage my followers to join the Campaign. So consider yourself encouraged. But that’s all. I’m not going to force anybody.

This could be fun, interesting, or tiresome, or you might come out on October 1 with who-knows-what kind of reputation.

But you will build your platform on a strictly voluntary basis.