Excelsior! – Yeah, Right

(Excelsior: a Latin word meaning loftier, used in English as an interjection meaning Ever upward)*** The shades of night were falling fast,As through an Alpine village passedA youth, who bore, 'mid snow and ice,A banner with the strange device,      Excelsior! His brow was sad; his eye beneath,Flashed like a falchion from its sheath,And like a silver clarion rungThe … Continue reading Excelsior! – Yeah, Right

Other People’s Words

I stayed up late the past two nights and didn't make up for the sleep lost. As a result,  my attention span hasn't kicked in, and since an attention span is almost essential to my writing, today's post focuses on what other people have written. *** Totsymae climbed a ladder the other day but came … Continue reading Other People’s Words

#ROW80 8/31 & Campaigning

***Less than 2 hours left. Read on immediately.*** I never saw a project I wouldn't raise my hand and volunteer for. That's how I became editor of HoTXSinC's newsletter, HOTSHOTS! The official story is that Sylvia Dickey Smith forced the job on me. It's true she gave me several long, hard looks, and we were … Continue reading #ROW80 8/31 & Campaigning