All Over Your Leg

"That cat will write her autograph all over your leg if you let her." ~ Samuel L. Clemens - from memoirs of Clemens' secretary Mary Howden which were published in New York Herald, December 13, 1925 It is 3:30 a.m. I stayed up working on a website for a friend. Then I replied to some … Continue reading All Over Your Leg

Other People’s Words

I stayed up late the past two nights and didn't make up for the sleep lost. As a result,  my attention span hasn't kicked in, and since an attention span is almost essential to my writing, today's post focuses on what other people have written. *** Totsymae climbed a ladder the other day but came … Continue reading Other People’s Words

Shifting Responsibility, but Nicely

Over the weekend, I had an epiphany. If I'm going to write anything longer than a blog post--such as a novel--I have to do three things: Sleep--before midnight as well as after Eat--no refined carbohydrates, no grains, no sweeteners, no processed foods, no added salt... Exercise--as in MOVE. I didn't buy that stationary bike just … Continue reading Shifting Responsibility, but Nicely

To All My Non-Blogger Blogger Friends: The Solution

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein (maybe) Regarding the whingeing still audible from the previous post, silverneurotic has come through with a solution: "Blogger will not let you comment IF you log in with your wordpress account…however, if there is an option to comment using the … Continue reading To All My Non-Blogger Blogger Friends: The Solution

To All My Blogger Friends

Dear Blogger Bloggers, For the past several weeks I have tried repeatedly to comment on your posts, but Blogger has repeatedly refused to accept my comments. Word verification is the hang-up: the letters I type never match the letters I'm told to type, no matter how many times I type them. And proof them. I'm … Continue reading To All My Blogger Friends

Regarding Kate Shrewsday

Kate Shrewsday blogs at She has recently become part of the UK's Huffington Post blogging team. Her posts are interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking, always witty. She ranges widely in choice of topic: family, pets, art, science, history, philosophy, sports, vacuum cleaners. Kate's special talent is the ability to make connections: What does Greek mythology have … Continue reading Regarding Kate Shrewsday

Day 8: Connecting

My high school English teacher read the Day 7 post, the one in which I wrote that she told students we had important and relevant things to say. That is the problem with blogging. At some point, you make a remark, a perfectly innocent remark, and the person you remarked about happens across it and … Continue reading Day 8: Connecting