Facebook, Serendipity, Alec Guinness, and a Cat

What is Facebook good for? After several years' pondering, I have the answer: Facebook is good for pictures of animals; and serendipity. I wrote about #1 in an earlier post. If I could remember the blogger who prompted the generalization, I would give him credit. Unfortunately, when I wrote that post, his name had already leaked … Continue reading Facebook, Serendipity, Alec Guinness, and a Cat

Safe, Guilt-Free Online Resources for the Addictive Writer

Last night I did the unthinkable. Or the un-thought-out. I stumbled upon StumbleUpon, joined, and stumbled upon websites I would be better off not knowing about. I could click click click for hours, and did. Quotations. The Pre-Raphaelites. Cats… One site, however, has oodles of redeeming creative value–so many oodles, in fact, that I wanted … Continue reading Safe, Guilt-Free Online Resources for the Addictive Writer

Day 10: Squirrels and seduction

Someone sent me a squirrel. If I wanted to know who sent it, Facebook said, I had to send squirrels to sixteen other people. I have more than sixteen FB friends, but I wasn't sure they wanted squirrels. In fact, I was afraid they might be offended or, worse yet, think I was trying to … Continue reading Day 10: Squirrels and seduction

Day 8: Connecting

My high school English teacher read the Day 7 post, the one in which I wrote that she told students we had important and relevant things to say. That is the problem with blogging. At some point, you make a remark, a perfectly innocent remark, and the person you remarked about happens across it and … Continue reading Day 8: Connecting