Facebook, Serendipity, Alec Guinness, and a Cat

What is Facebook good for? After several years' pondering, I have the answer: Facebook is good for pictures of animals; and serendipity. I wrote about #1 in an earlier post. If I could remember the blogger who prompted the generalization, I would give him credit. Unfortunately, when I wrote that post, his name had already leaked … Continue reading Facebook, Serendipity, Alec Guinness, and a Cat

Addiction, Facebook, Doctors, Pigs, and Zombies

I confess: I'm hooked. The computer is a Kathy magnet. It wasn't so bad until 2008, when I replaced a forty-hour work week with a laptop and my husband installed wi-fi. The Internet brings so many fine blogs and other attractions into my living room, where I sit with my feet up and examine them … Continue reading Addiction, Facebook, Doctors, Pigs, and Zombies

True Poet

Despite all the time I've wasted scrolling through Facebook, I've received more from the site than I've lost. It's allowed me to reconnect with students I taught thirty years ago. Last night I was chatting with a member of the class of 1982. She gave me permission to link to her website. She didn't give … Continue reading True Poet

Day 13: Kangaroos and blessings

Someone sent me a kangaroo. It may have been the person who sent the squirrel yesterday. All I know is that, when I looked at my Wall this morning, I saw three notes that said I'm sending squirrel requests. I also learned that I'm sending bless my online friends requests. Five minutes ago I discovered--the … Continue reading Day 13: Kangaroos and blessings

Day 10: Squirrels and seduction

Someone sent me a squirrel. If I wanted to know who sent it, Facebook said, I had to send squirrels to sixteen other people. I have more than sixteen FB friends, but I wasn't sure they wanted squirrels. In fact, I was afraid they might be offended or, worse yet, think I was trying to … Continue reading Day 10: Squirrels and seduction

Day 8: Connecting

My high school English teacher read the Day 7 post, the one in which I wrote that she told students we had important and relevant things to say. That is the problem with blogging. At some point, you make a remark, a perfectly innocent remark, and the person you remarked about happens across it and … Continue reading Day 8: Connecting