Day 13: Kangaroos and blessings

Someone sent me a kangaroo.

It may have been the person who sent the squirrel yesterday.

All I know is that, when I looked at my Wall this morning, I saw three notes that said I’m sending squirrel requests. I also learned that I’m sending bless my online friends requests.

Five minutes ago I discovered–the Wall again–that I’m now sending kangaroo requests.

For the record, I am not sending kangaroo requests or kangaroos themselves.

When I read that someone had sent me a kangaroo, I clicked to see who it was (not that I expected to find out, considering yesterday’s experience with the squirrel).

I didn’t select any names.

I didn’t check out Giftie Credits.

I didn’t click Send or any of its synonyms.

I simply attempted to satisfy my native curiosity.

For this one indulgence, I find myself libeled.

On the other hand, after I clicked, I saw the kangaroo. That’s more than I can say about the squirrel.

For the record, however, I’m sending neither squirrels nor kangaroos. I hope that doesn’t disappoint anyone.

I’m happy, however, to send blessings. I am at this moment directing harmonious vibrations to all my friends.

But look for them to arrive in the traditional, low-tech manner. If I try sending them via Facebook, someone’s sure to receive a kangaroo instead.


“Kangaroos and Blessings” appeared on Whiskertips in 2009. Again, finding myself no mood to compose anything new,  I’m recycling.

4 thoughts on “Day 13: Kangaroos and blessings

  1. Recycling is not a bad thing! Sending squirrels and kangaroos, not so much. I ignore that kind of clutter on FB–they want way too much info & access to respond in kind. If any of my FB friends is thinking of me, a nice “howdy, I’m thinking of you” on my Wall or in a message is just fine. I mean, what message does a gifted squirrel convey anyway?


    1. What makes the whole thing ridiculous is that I think nobody sent me anything. I think it was just FB’s way of getting me to play the game. Otherwise, it would have said, “Susie Q has send you a squirrel.” And I fell for it, almost, so I guess FB succeeded. But I got two posts out of the experience, and used each twice, so I guess I got my money’s worth, so to speak.


  2. Think what you could do with a whole menagerie! I could send you a vole. I used to throw sheep at people using Facebook, which was quite fun, unless you happened to be the cybersheep.
    No one counts the cost of these cyberanimals, pushed from pillar to post in some heartless redeployment exercise, and for what? A marketing ploy!
    I for one am staunch.


    1. Voles are cute and I’d love to have one, but I don’t think it would last too long in the same house with Ernest. I mean, considering how the cricket population fared. But thank you all the same.

      I admire anyone with the ability to throw sheep. They’re not easy to move around.


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