Day 12: Ten more minutes

Harry Pearce is in trouble.

Big trouble.

And I’m sitting here, heart rate elevated, breath coming fast, as worried as if Harry were real.

Several months ago I discovered MI5. It’s running on the local PBS station. Programs from an early series air on Thursday nights at 9:00. Programs from a more recent series air on Friday nights at 10:00 and rerun Sundays at midnight.

I’m hooked. I watch them all.

The scripts are well-written, suspenseful, fast. They assume a modicum of intelligence on the part of the viewer.

And they’re unpredictable.

The writers kill their stars.

I’ve seen several go. One was dispatched just now.

I knew it was going to happen. A couple of months ago I read some plot summaries online.

I almost never read ahead, but in this case I’m glad I did. I was able to prepare myself. Knowing made things easier.

The thing is, I didn’t read far enough. I didn’t know Harry would be threatened.

If the writers did away with all the others, there’s no reason they should flinch at disposing of Harry.

So I don’t know what will happen.

And I care what happens.

Ten more minutes…


6 thoughts on “Day 12: Ten more minutes

      1. Oh Spooks! Filmed in the offices just around from where my husband used to work! Fabulous stuff, isn’t it? You have excellent taste. Won’t launch into plot detail in case I ruin anything for you.
        By the by Rupert Penry Jones – is he in it yet?- has branched out into a wonderful detective series called Whitechapel. Plays an obsessive compulsive who happens to make an amazing detective. By far the best acting he has ever done on telly.


        1. Rupert Penry Jones is in the Thursday night series, but Richard Armitage is in the Friday/Sunday night series (series 7, I think). Thanks to Wikipedia and my insistence on doing more “research” than is wise, I again know more than I should, but at least I won’t be devastated when bad things happen. I am most disappointed, however, in Connie. I thought so highly of her when she was the Duchess of Duke Street and never thought she could behave so badly.

          We don’t have cable TV, only network, and the only “domestic” programs we watch are the news. Everything else is British via Public Broadcasting. I don’t know whether that’s testimony to our good taste or to the sorry state of network TV on this side of the Atlantic. I’ll watch for Whitechapel. Masterpiece Mystery will surely pick it up someday. Or Netflix.


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