Shifting Responsibility, but Nicely

Over the weekend, I had an epiphany. If I'm going to write anything longer than a blog post--such as a novel--I have to do three things: Sleep--before midnight as well as after Eat--no refined carbohydrates, no grains, no sweeteners, no processed foods, no added salt... Exercise--as in MOVE. I didn't buy that stationary bike just … Continue reading Shifting Responsibility, but Nicely

#ROW80 & a Star

A pleasing development: Story Circle Network has awarded a star to To write is to write is to write. Story Circle Network is a nonprofit organization "dedicated to helping women share the stories of their lives and to raising public awareness of the importance of women's personal histories." It sponsors publications, workshops, writing contests, reading … Continue reading #ROW80 & a Star

Review (again): A Broom of One’s Own

I wrote the following post two years ago to answer a "challenge." I intended to post it at the end of September 2009. I got all tangled up in words and couldn't write a thing. I intended to post it at the end of October. I still couldn't write it. I think I managed to … Continue reading Review (again): A Broom of One’s Own