So there.

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One of the literature textbooks I used the first years I taught, in the early ’70s, described Emily Dickinson as America’s greatest woman poet.

I’m ashamed to say I had to take a course in literature written by women (with a stroll through The Second Sex) before I realized the idiocy of that statement.

Emily Dickinson is America’s greatest poet.


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  1. My first laugh for the morning. I know your blog wasn’t written to be humorous, but you said so much in so few words that so clearly described the moment that a woman finally opens her eyes to her own beauty and strength that I couldn’t help myself. It was laughter of joy to learn that yet another women was seeing the world through female eyes, and not the males who wrote all the history books. .

    Keep writing Kathy
    Pat Bean


    1. It’s fine to laugh. I’m laughing, too. I don’t know why it took me so long to hear what that sentence really said. I can accept argument about “greatest,” but “woman”–good grief.


    1. I knew only two of her poems. Then came my college class in American lit., and bang! It was like experiencing Emily’s own definition of poetry.


    1. Emily’s poems are so small they’re easy to miss. But she did have a way with words.

      You’re welcome, Kate. I’m so glad you’re writing again.


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