#ROW80 11.13, NaNo, & Viral Accord

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NaNoWriMo / ROW80 update:

I’ve been working on Molly but haven’t been averaging the 1667 words per day required to reach the target by the end of November.

According to the NaNo stats page, at my current rate, I’ll reach 50,000 words on September 28, 2015.

But there is hope—if I write 2,753 words each and every day for the rest of the month.

Is it possible to write 2,753 words in one day? Of course. Call it a blog post and I’ll write twice that.


Sick of staring at Times New Roman, I switched to Accord SF.

Now MS Word 2007 asserts it independence by saving Accord SF in italics. The italics icon on the toolbar, however, isn’t highlighted, and no amount of clicking or unclicking it affects the text. Nothing affects the text. It’s in italics and it’s going to stay that way.

I think the dysfunction is related to repeated crashing of blog documents several weeks ago. I saved in Accord SF but after each crash reopened to italicized Accord SF. Why italics have leaked over into text documents, I cannot say.

If anyone can shed light on this case, please feel free. In the interim, and probably forever, I’ll be using Open Office, which I like better anyway.

Except for blog posts. I don’t have time or patience to read the OO instructions. And Word blog format is on its best behavior.


They say the secret to winning NaNoWriMo is Never Delete.

That’s not my way. I revise as I go. Like this:

Word word word word word word word Delete delete delete Different word different word different word Word word Delete Different word…

It’s slow, but my OCD feels comfortable with it.

NaNo, however, despises it.

NaNo likes something like the following:

Word word word word Wrong word Right word Word word word word Wrong word Wrong word Wrong word Right word Right word Wrong word…

Which just drives me up the wall.


I saved. Word crashed. I reopened to italics.

What it will look like when it’s published to WordPress I won’t try to predict.

Just once, I would like to live through a day in which I don’t have to eat my words, my hat, or a large portion of crow.

10 thoughts on “#ROW80 11.13, NaNo, & Viral Accord

  1. Just now I open this NaNoWriMo,.. It’s very interesting (^_^),..

    By the way, instead of using Microsoft Word or Open Office, I’m using notepad/text document, 😀 , It’s very… bald,.. but I think it’s better for posting on wordpress,..

    Good luck!


  2. You made me laugh:) Your “word word word…delete delete different word feels like me. Yet I am fighting it. Must not look…back. I sort of hate it, but I get stuck in the past (the past of my manuscript)if I don’t.


  3. Top of the morning to you.
    I do like the character in my NaNo enterprise, so as long as I can have him wandering the streets of a long-ago, film noir L.A. and falling down rabbit holes (not yet but very possible) I won’t be bored. But I still have to sit down and write it. Ah, there’s the rub.


  4. Kathy, you made me laugh so much….good luck on the 2,753 words a day from now on….
    “Word word word word word word word Delete delete delete Different word different word different word Word word Delete Different word…”

    Genius 🙂


  5. Your writing style sounds a lot like mine; I definitely allow myself to delete and replace and switch out words or phrases. It’s when I get to wanting to delete whole sentences/paragraphs/pages/entire books so far that get me into trouble with NaNo….

    2753 words is totally do-able! And there’s always maybe padding a little more with an extra 300 here and there on days when you have more time to make up for the ones you don’t have. I’m currently about two days behind, but I plan on using what little time I do have to catch up like crazy. And maybe just throwing in a few wrong words here and there…

    Keep up the great work! I’ve participated up to three years and have yet to “win,” but I still keep coming back for more, because, you know what, it’s still getting something I wouldn’t have done before done. : )


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