McKenna’s Turkey

Thanksgiving postcard circa 1900 showing a tur...
Thanksgiving Postcard circa 1900--Image via Wikipedia


Great-niece McKenna, two-and-a-half, recently announced that on Thanksgiving, the turkey will come down the chimney and give her candy for being a good girl on Halloween. 

Works for me.

I wish for you a blessed Thanksgiving. And may the turkey bring you lots and lots of candy.


Happy Thanksgiving

11 thoughts on “McKenna’s Turkey

  1. I’m reading this very late. Which is why, I guess, I got no candy on Thanksgiving. At least I didn’t get any from a turkey. I’ll have to clear the way next year and set out…um…seeds? Corn? Some kind of turkey food.


  2. My three year old performed in his preschool’s holiday program earlier this week. They had cookies and drinks outside for after the performance. He went outside, got a cookie and proudly announced, “I get a cookie because I sang so nice!”. You’re damn right, kiddo!


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