ROW80 1.2.12 Goals & Boiling a Frog

English: A green frog on a palm frond.
A Green Tree Frog (Not Yet Boiled) Sitting on a Palm Leaf--Image via Wikipedia

A friend says resolutions should be brief. Her resolution for 2012 is Move.

Ten years ago, when she was into metaphor, she adopted, Boil the frog slowly.

The former refers to being more physically active. The latter might be phrased, Make small, incremental changes.

I admire her artistry, but deplore her lack of clarity. They’re her resolutions, however. If they work for her, that’s all that matters.

A Round of Words in 80 Days #5 begins today. I was supposed to announce my goals January 1, but didn’t get around to it.  Whether such tardiness portends good or ill remains to be seen. I’m pretty sure I’ll accomplish more than I did during ROW80 #4, when I met about 1% of what I’d set out to do. I offer no apologies for the lapse. I remember 2011 as one long series of lapses.

A medical professional, and my hero, once told me, “You can’t tell your hypothalamus what to do.” Unfortunately, my hypothalamus has no problem at all ordering me around.

Anyway, while good old HT and I are on speaking terms, I re-enter the challenge and state my goals:

1. Write about Molly at least 5 days a week.

2. See #1.

There it is. Simple. Measurable. Doable.

Concerning goals for the non-writing part of life, I haven’t made it beyond the one that’s topped every New Year’s list since I was fifteen. I’ll come up with something else before the end of the month. The process is complicated this year because I’ve gotten so many good ideas from other bloggers:

Ariana at Pearl’s Twirl introduced me to “The Anti-bucket List.” Those resolutions are no trouble at all to keep.

Totsymae helped me with both 2012 resolutions and my anti-bucket list in “Things You Should Admit to Yourself Before You Enter the New Year (or Positively Negative).”  Totsymae knows what she’s talking about.

Kate Shrewsday, in “The Milestone Mirage,” reminded me that our small acts define us, and convinced me to write down my pebbles.

Pseu1’s Blog showed me how to record small stones and introduced me to River of Stones.

So. I’m off to tell ROW80 what I’ve decided.

And then I’ll visit Molly. She’s a delightful girl. If only she didn’t depend on me to choreograph her every move.

English: Frog
Frog (Possibly Boiled)--Image via Wikipedia






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14 thoughts on “ROW80 1.2.12 Goals & Boiling a Frog

  1. I like the idea of bite sized ambition for New Year Resolutions. I haven’t made any until now, but just thought of one I should try and stick to.

    1. Be more active, physically, than last year.

    I have found it more difficult to be motivated to do exercise as that middle-aged-female phenomenon of the menopause introduced itself into my life. Conversely I have discovered that when I do exercise, even if only a brisk walk for half an hour, it is very good for the thinking processes and creativity. Thank you for nudging me to make a resolution 🙂


    1. Bite sized is about all I can deal with right now. I haven’t wanted to be physically active since I was ten years old, but it’s become necessary, so I’m shopping for an exercise bike this week. If I’ve nudge you, you’ve also nudged me back. Thanks.


  2. bite size goal is good as long as it’s not a frogs leg – like your frog pictures not your title:) being a frog fan from waaaaay back! Enkoyed your links thanks for those – part of the fun up here is being directed to blogs you’ve never been to before

    all the best for this week


  3. I have a feeling Molly will love your resolution, Kathy 🙂 I look forward to your stones: your take on life means they will be either beautiful, or witty. Thus I shall, for yet another year, be hanging on your every word.


  4. I think it’s great that you can acknowledge that your friend’s goals work for her but aren’t your thing.

    Thanks for the fabulous links! I’m off to browse a bit now before returning to my outline. 🙂


  5. “Move” says everything. Takes out the technicalities and gets to the meat of what needs to happen.

    Thanks for the mention. Have a Happy New Year and Happy Writing!


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